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by Jason on May 5, 2011

What is the action on all of the daily deal sites that are popping up!? I just seems like there are now 1,000 Groupon clones and I am not in need of any of them. On that note, however, is there a daily deal site for hearing aids? Do hearing aids ever go on sale?

A quick search on google and bing tells me that most hearing aid providers are offering 30-day risk free trials and are professing great discounts but I don’t see any true sales on hearing aids. I know I must just be missing them.

Maybe there are some summer-is-coming sales that are about to kick in? Hearing aids are so expensive and insurance companies are so unwilling to help that a sale would go a very long way.

I know they must be out there so if you ever see a sale on hearing aids that is valuable and should be shared with our community of users, please post it here. Thank you for being our eyes and ears!

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