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by Jason on January 13, 2010

It seems almost impossible to find real coupons dedicated to hearing aids. Has anyone had any luck? On many levels it makes sense that hearing aid coupons would not be offered, but I would think that some version would be offered. Perhaps a clinic would offer a coupon for half of a hearing inspection if it lead to the purchase of a hearing aid? OR maybe there are companies that offer coupons for hearing aid batteries?

Despite a fair amount of searching, I have not found any hearing aid related coupons. Please direct me and our user base if we are missing them.

As mentioned, coupons for hearing aids are hard to find and it seems this should not be the case. Couldn’t Oticon or Phonak partner with a large store such as costco and give price discounts to the thousands of costco members who need hearing aids? It seems to me to be a win win, especially given the very difficult road blocks that are thrown up by the insurance industry.

So, I put this blog to our readers, where can we find coupons for our hearing aids? Please add any relevant information, we will all be very appreciative.

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