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by Jason on February 14, 2011

In all the Groupon and living social rage these days, it makes me wonder if I can go find a coupon for hearing aids or some version of a discount code.

Has anyone had any luck finding any discounts on hearing aids that are in the mold of the latest groupon rage?

When I google the term ‘hearing aid coupons’ (like always) there are thousands of results but none of them are for what I am looking for. I mean, I love google but that is a topic for another blog!

I don’t think that the medical field has embraced coupons and hearing aids fall right into this category. There may be some rules and regulations against the medical industry offering coupons.

If anyone reading this has had a different experience around coupons and hearing aids please post a quick blog post and tell us what you have learned. I would love to find a way to get people some discounts on these very expensive devices! Please spread the word.

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