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Rest assured, the FDA is policing the companies that manufacture hearing aids. This is very good to know. Makers of hearing aids need to know that they are being monitored and held to a very high standard. These are expensive …


Being a teen or college student in the 1960s meant listing to and playing a great deal of loud rock and roll. The Beatles and the Stones were the loud sountrack to a rocking generation. Now, consequently, many of this …


Are you angry with your hearng aid?

by Jason on March 18, 2009

More and more I am reading articles and blog entries which are people complaining about the hearing aid industry. We have looked at the less-than-perfect insurance issues regarding hearing aids. Let’s talk a bit about quality in general from hearing …


In 2004 the Lions club actually put up $600,000 in an effort to develop a low cost hearing aid for low income people. The Lions recognized the fact that way too many people around the world who need hearing aids …


Open Fit hearing aids and restaurants

by Jason on March 2, 2009

It is no secret that many people who wear hearing aids have simply chosen to avoid restaurants all together. Many agree that the noisy, hectic atmosphere of a busy restaurant poses the greatest challenge for a hearing aid wearer. If …