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by Jason on February 27, 2010

Is there a market for buying and selling hearing aids? Is it safe to buy a used hearing aid and use it? Can you get in trouble for selling damaged, used hearing aids?

All of these are great questions that beg for answers. After some research it seems that selling and buying used hearing aids is a very heated topic. Think of the family who just paid $3,000 for a hearing aid when the user dies one month later. This is morbid but very common. These people are not able to sell the used hearing aid which is very frustrating to them. On the other hand, imagine someone trying to save money, buying a used hearing aid that is set all wrong for them and ends up causing even more damage to their hearing.

It is not common practice or accepted to buy and sell used hearing aids. This does not mean it does not happen. The root of the controversy around buying and selling used hearing aids lies in the fact that hearing aids are very expensive and very customized.

If you have ever bought or sold a used hearing aid please comment.

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