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by Jason on February 7, 2011

With the prices of hearing aids these days, it is very common for people to think and ask ‘should I be looking into purchasing a used hearing aid to save some money?’

The short answer, unfortunately, seems to be no. Hearing aids that are true products, not just the sound amplifiers that can be found in some very low end products, are customized devices that are custom fit for the wearer.

The reality is that, if you are alright with sacrificing comfort and some quality you may as well just buy a new hearing aid that is of low quality. These can be found in the sub $100 range. This is a better option than buying a used hearing aid in my opinion.

Has anyone reading this thread had success buying and using a used hearing aid? I am especially interested in the situations where the hearing aid was originally high-priced ($1,500 or more). If so, how did it work out? Were you able to ‘re-customize’ the product? Did the warranties transfer?
Maybe it was a wonderful experience that saved you a ton of money.

Please share with our readers any experience you have had with used hearing aids!

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