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Used Hearing aid market

by Jason on June 27, 2009

Can anyone shed some light on buying and selling used hearing aids? Is there a strong market out there? Certainly the idea of saving some money by not having to buy an expensive new hearing aid is appealing but it also seems ripe with problems. The beauty of most hearing aids is that they are customized for the individual who is slated to use them. Even if the past owner is willing to part with the hearing aid at a low price there will still be a great deal of work and money that needs to go into getting the aids into working order.

But aside from the difficulty of fitting a used hearing aid for a new person, is there additional challenges? Is it legal to sell used hearing aids? In the research that I have done, I have seen nothing to suggest that it is not legal. You can find a great deal of used hearing aids for sale on Ebay and other marketplaces – but of course this does not insure that it is legal.

All used health related products creates a pretty gray area. Again, the price is very appealing but there are so many risks that come with it that it is hard to know if it is a good idea. If anyone has a positive or negative story around used hearing aids, can you please share it? Thanks!

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