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The company behind Oticon Hearing Aids

by Jason on February 22, 2009

One of the largest and most trusted names in the hearing aid world is Oticon. I was spending a bit of time on their website and was drawn to their discussion on ther corporate approach. Oticon employs a flat organizational structure. This is very unique and I believe their idea that this structure pushes creativity and productivity and ultimately creates better hearing aids.

There is no doubt that flat structures have their challenges, primarily who makes the big decisions. But they can also lead to much better cooperation. No one is backstabbing the other person to climb the ladder at Oticon becuse there is no ladder to climb.

Oticon hearing aids are products of a project-based approach and this seems to be working very well for them.

Oticon has a very intense and intriguing approach to making the world’s best hearing aids. I would love to work for them but that would mean leaving sunny Seattle and moving to Denmark. Actually, I may book the flight now !!

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