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by Jason on May 27, 2011

A huge huge congratulations to the wonderful Senate of Tennessee for requiring insurance companies to cover hearing aids. It is amazing to me that I get so excited in 2011 for one state to announce this but it is true. Hearing aids are ridiculously not covered by almost all insurance companies.

The ruling by the Tennessee senate is courageous and absolutely ground breaking. As a person from Seattle, Washington I have never had a ton of contact with Tennessee but now I realize they have some great things about them.

In many forms of legislation it just takes one state to crack from the majority and then the rest will follow. Let us truly hope that this is the case with hearing aids insurance and Tennessee.

The money that the providers are being forced to pay is not massive ($1,000 per year up to three years per hearing aid) but it is real and makes a massive statement.

Spread the word. Insurance support is on its way. This is wonderful news for children who live in families who can not support hearing aids, elderly people with no income and many many more people. Great news heading into this long weekend.

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