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by Jason on April 1, 2011

Let’s talk a bit about a darker side of the world of hearing aids. Let’s talk about stolen hearing aids. We all know that times are tough financially and this is driving people to do things that they may not do in other conditions. One of these things is to steal hearing aids. This is such a bad thing to happen for a number of reasons.

One, hearing aids are very expensive it can be financially crippling to someone to have them stolen. Two, the thief who steals the hearing aids is going to have a very tough time selling them. There is virtually no money or market for stolen hearing aids.

If your hearing aid is stolen it is wise to file a police report and to immediately contact your insurance company. In a interesting twist, it is very hard to get medical insurance to cover hearing aids but you may be able to get your home insurance to cover a stolen hearing aid.

At the end of the day, the real message is to carefully guard your aids and try not to leave them in a place where they can be stolen. Certainly leaving them on a desk, an unlocked car or an unlocked school locker are some of the biggest culprits for leading to theft.

Please add to this blog if you have insight or advice for anyone who may have had a hearing aid stolen. Thanks for all your participation!

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