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Self Programming hearing aids – yes or no?

by Jason on June 24, 2009

One of the key factors that drives the cost of hearing aids so high is that each hearing aid has to be programmed to the individual. Everyone has slightly different needs and hearing damage. So in an effort to cut the cost down companies have developed self-programming hearing aids. Clearly the idea is great on paper but do they work. Like with any purchase, you want to buy something that works for a long time versus saving money on the front end by buying some junk. Let’s dive in a bit.

The prevailing idea seems to be that self programming hearing aids are not a hit because they are too complicated. Upon first hearing their name ‘self-programming’ I assumed this meant the aid did the programming. Upon further inspection, the truth is that the individual who owns the heairng aid programs it. The problem is that these are too complicated to program. Most hearing aid users are graduated in age and not all of them are comfortable with technology. This is the major block for self programming hearing aids.

Additionally, these hearing aids are not easy to find. They are not as common as standard hearing aids. Please tell me if you have had a positive experience with SP hearing aids. If I don’t hear from anyone, we will assume they are a bust for now!

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