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Reprogramming hearing aids

by Jason on February 16, 2009

There is a great deal of discussion on chat boards on the internet related to the possibility of reprogramming hearing aids. In light of this brutal economy there certainly is an appeal to saving money by purchasing a used hearing aid versus a new one.

The dominant position is that used hearing aids can be reprogrammed to work for another user. The key to getting the used hearing aid to work for you or your loved one is a new (recent) hearing test needs to be performed in order to reprogram the used hearing aid properly.

We do not discourage people from going this route. We do, however, urge you to check the credentials of the person you are buying the hearing aid from. Unfortunately, there are people who abuse the system and could even sell you a fake hearing aid. Do you research and make sure you are dealing with a legitimate source and make them give you a warranty of no less than 30 days.

We would love to get feedback from anyone with experience around buying and using secondary hearing aids. This economy demands creativity and we are all for saving money! Please share with us your experiences.

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