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by Jason on March 6, 2010

The million dollar question – or should we say – the $700 question, is what to do with a broken hearing aid. When is it time to throw away your hearing aid and when it is a better idea to get it fixed. This is a tough question that actually applies to most electronics, not just hearing aids.

The challenge with the idea around repairing or throwing away a hearing aid is that they are so expensive to begin with. It is a no brainer to throw away a $30 toaster if it is no longer working. The same can not be said for a $800 pair of hearing aids.

There are many companies offering to repair hearing aids for as low as $30. If you can find a person to repair your hearing aid at this rate we would recommend doing it so long as you can get two things with the repair. One, you need to see some reviews of the persons work. Find someone who has had their hearing aid repaired their and make sure they are happy. Two, get a warranty. Anyone offering to repair your hearing aid should be willing to give you at least a three-month warranty.

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