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Phonak and Wireless Connectivity

by Jason on February 18, 2009

Phonak has been a leader in hearing aid production for years. On this post, I want to look past thier hearing aids and look at their focus on wireless connectivity to help those using hearing instruments.

iCom is the name of the wireless line that they have developed in an effort to help those who use hearing aids to effortlessly listen to music, watch television and use the telephone. If anyone has used Phonak’s iCom line of products please add a comment to this thread and give us your thoughts.

iCom promises easy connectivity to your mobile phone, your mp3 player and your television. We have yet to demo these products but we will report on their strengths and weaknesses once we get the chance to do so. Either way, Phonak proves with these wireless connectivity products that they remain at the forefront of hearing aid technology and have a true commitment to the community.

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