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Pennsylvania Hearing Aid company fined

by Jason on May 15, 2009

It is great to see a bad guy getting what he deserves in Pennsylvania. The state has fined a company over $190,000, forced them to stop conducting business in the state and has demanded over $31,000 is restitution to hearing aid users.

Jones Hearing Aids violated at 2001 court order and in turn faced these stiff fines. At the end of the day, the company was building hearing aids and not respecting the 30-day money back guarantee rule. Everyone, it is crucial to know our rights. You have 30 days guaranteed to get your money back from ANY hearing aid purchase. This is protected under the national Consumer protection act. No exemptions.

The trick that this company was employing and many others may try to do as well is to attempt to stall people from getting their money back. If they are succesfull in the stall, then the 30 days pass and they are off the hook. This is deceptive and wrong and needs to be watched closely.

Please, anyone on this board reading, if you have run into any similar issues let us know and we will spread the word!

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