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by Jason on March 27, 2010

I was traveling last night and I left my kindle on the plane. Frustratingly, it was not found and no one has returned it. This made me realize that there must be many people who have lost a hearing aid and are equally frustrated. What are the best ideas and options to pursue once a hearing aid is lost? This is a very interesting dilemma to be in. All of a sudden, once you realize the hearing aid is lost you feel both angry and frustrated.

Ideally your hearing aid is insured and you can call your company and get a full reimbursement. But we all know that even with insurance it is just not that easy to get back your lost hearing aid.

Certainly you should return immediately to the location where you thought the hearing was last. This often leads to the finding of the lost hearing aid. Also, if you know the serial number of the hearing aid you should alert audiologists in your area. If they identify your lost hearing aid they may be able to reclaim it for you.

What other good ideas exist for finding lost hearing aids?

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