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Long wait for hearing aids in England

by Jason on June 17, 2009

Based on an article written a few years ago, there is a horribly long wait for hearing aids in England. The wait can be as long as four years for patients who qualify. The BSHAA has learned that over a 200 weeks at a hospital in Wales. This is just not acceptable. I am certain that these individuals could use their own money to purchase directly from the manufacturers but this makes no sense. They are paying taxes at a level that should earn them fast access to health care and the tools they need including hearing aids.

Health insurance is a massive problem around the world and this goes to show that access to hearing aids is being slowed on a global level. This 200 week wait for hearing aids in England was from over 3 years ago. I am scared to imagine how long the wait is now. Do any of our English readers have insight into how the system is performing now?

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