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by Jason on January 20, 2010

While we are all painfully aware that it is difficult to get insurance to cover the cost of hearing aids, we have done little talking about the warranty situation for hearing aids. If we are going to spend the thousands of dollars that hearing aids cost, it would be good to be well informed about the various details around hearing aid warranties.

After researching a number of brands, it seems to be common for hearing aid warranties to be a year long. Also common is for the manufacturer to offer to sell an extended warranty for the hearing aid. This extended hearing aid warranty can easily cost over $250.

My initial reaction to all extended warranties is to avoid them. In electronics and in the auto industry the extended warranties are merely a fear sell that generates massive margins for the companies. I am not able to see why this would be any different for hearing aids.

Another way to avoid having to buy an extended warranty is to simply put some money away each month. Consider this your self insurance for your hearing aid. This way, once your hearing aid is out of warranty, you don’t have to pay the exorbitant cost of an extension, you can simply use your saved cash if a repair is every needed.

It is great to have your hearing aid under warranty but we do not advise to pay for the extension.

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