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Hearing aids under water

by Jason on March 7, 2011

Maybe this could be the world’s shortest blog entry because it may be a very silly topic but it seems worth addressing. Are there hearing aids that are designed to go under water? I am not asking about durable hearing aids that are ok if they get wet. I am more concerned with aids that are actually designed for submersion. Perhaps they could be considered a diver’s hearing aid.

After a good amount of research online I have yet to find an aid that trumpets its ability to remain underwater. Lyric hearing aids have a model that suggests showering is fine but they do not recommend submersion. This is about the same story with most aids on the market.

In a very cool side story to this, there is a group called Hear the World who is enabling those people who have cochlear implants to hear sounds from under water (even the bottom of the amazon river). Cochlear implants are send sound via electronic signals, making it possible to transmit sounds from remote locations including under water. What a brilliant and creative solution!

Please add to this post if you have any experience with hearing aids that are allowed to be submerged in water. At this point it seems like the technology is just not quite there yet.

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