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Hearing aids in the summer

by Jason on March 13, 2010

Daylight savings time is almost upon us here in the states and this gets me thinking about summer and the challenges that this can bring for the users of hearing aids. The primary challenge that summer brings for hearing aid users is the fact that hot days often are bundled with water activities and we all know that water and hearing aids are not the best of friends.

I would love to hear from our readers about the ways they deal with hearing aids in summer. Is it safe to remove your hearing aid at the beach, leave it on your towel and take a swim. I would say not. Hearing aids are too expensive for that type of treatment. How about leaving the hearing aids in the car. This exposes them to the next most dangerous element of summer – the heat.

On first glance, the solution seems to be to leave the hearing aid at home when you are going out for a hot day at the beach. This, however, is no solution at all.

Please share with us the tricks and tools you have developed for using hearing aids in the summer.

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