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Hearing aids for babies

by Jason on May 8, 2010

I recently brought home a little baby boy from the hospital. How wonderful. I will tell you though, they gave him very extensive hearing tests on the first day of his life. These tests required placement of monitoring devices on his head and then they determined if his left and right ear were working properly. Did it make me nervous to watch the progress bar of his ears that the nurse told me had to get to 100%? Yes!

As the test was proceeding I wondered what would it mean if he didn’t get 100%? Hearing aids for babies? Do they exist? Do they make sense at all?
As the test progressed I wished that the nurse was explaining some of these things but I suppose they don’t want to over burden you with info until the outcome is determined. “All fine” she told me. Hmmm, ok, that is good news but what if it wasn’t as it is for thousands of babies. Can they wear hearing aids? What do we do for babies that are HOH?

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