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Hearing aids and the sun

by Jason on May 23, 2009

It appears that summer may actually finally be here in Seattle which tells me that it is here around the country and this hemisphere as well. This begs the question – how do hearing aids do in the summer and what are the particular challenges that this season brings?

The first and perhaps most obvious challenge with hearing aids and the summer is simply that heat is just not a friend to any form of electronics. This computer I am typing on hates the sun and heat. So do hearing aids.

The next enemy of hearing aids that the summer brings is water. I am sitting by a beach writing this and anyone near the water is getting wet and in turn so would any hearing aids if the people had them in. So what do you do? You remove the hearing aid when you swim. Ok, no problem but this presents problem number three – the loss of hearing aids. Due to the summer making everyone want to get in the water it is the leading season for lost hearing aids.

I love the sun but it doesn’t love hearing aids. What other challenges come along with hearing aids and summer?

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