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Hearing Aids and Health Insurance

by Jason on March 10, 2009

There is so much to say and discuss around the issue of hearing aids and health insurance it is hard to know where to start. On this post, I want to simply look at a piece published on About.com regarding health insurance and hearing aids.

There is a line in their first paragraph that grabbed me and told me I needed to write a post.  Here is the line that got me – “While it is understandable that they would refuse to cover them for older adults on the grounds that too many people would want or need them, what about children?”

I am no insurance expert but does high demand now pass for a reason to not insure? Just because many old people need hearing aids, why should the insurance companies not insure them? Anyone have ans answer?

I like where this guy is going with his thought – 100% every child in need of a hearing aid should be given the insurance money to get one, but let’s fight for the adults as well.

No doubt about it, it is a very complicated issue but at the end of the day we need to get people the hearing aids they need. Has anyone on this site experienced a negative battle with insurance companies regarding hearing aids? How about a positive story?

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