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Hearing aids and health care

by Jason on March 21, 2010

It is a momentous day in the united states and Obama is pushing hard today for his health care plan. There is no doubt that if this passes the people who need hearing aids but have not been able to afford them may be helped.

The challenge is that while the Obama plan stands to insure over 30 million people who currently do no have health insurance, the plan does not go into the details of making insurance companies give assistance to people who need hearing aids.

I have to think that this massive influx of insurance carriers will add a big push to the insurance industry to allow hearing aids to be covered. If we assume that ten percent of the newly insured people will need hearing aids then this is over 3 million new users! Three million newly insured people who need hearing aids. What a wonderful day for those people and a wonderful day for the United States. Now lets all keep pushing the insurance industry to insure hearing aids. The time has come, hearing aids need to be insured, lets ride the wave of Obama health care to get there.

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