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by Jason on January 10, 2010

It is difficult to find a source online that is dedicated to news on hearing aids. Does anyone reading this blog have a site that they go to in order to find out the newest hearing aid news? Since there is an apparent lack of hearing aid news sites, I will shoot to make this blog the answer.

What topics would people like me to cover related to hearing aid news?  I am considering the following topics: new technology, new pricing, insurance updates and anything else that seems interesting about hearing aids. What am I missing?

I will spend today researching hearing aid technological advancements over the last few years. That will be my first foray into hearing aid news. Because that is not very timely and pressing as news should be, I will also shoot to include a piece on the latest insurance news on hearing aids. I plan on being the first to break the news when it becomes easy to pay for a hearing aid with insurance. Which ever company allows this deserves credit.

So, here you are, at the Internet’s premier source for hearing aid news, WELCOME!

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