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Hearing aid fashion

by Jason on April 3, 2010

There is a notion that hearing aids are simply a problem when it comes to fashion. I am writing to challenge this notion. My biggest support in the notion that hearing aids can add to fashion is the roll that eye glasses play in how people accessorize their outfits. Eye glasses are a massive part of the world of fashion and they are really a tool to augment seeing. Hearing aids are simply a way to augment hearing and so why can’t they be a fashion accessory.

Another challenge to the notion of hearing aids becoming a part of fashion is that the trend for hearing aids now seems to be to make them ultra small or hidden. This supports everyone’s idea that hearing aids are to be hidden.

We all need to think of hearing aids as needed technology that can be cool and hip and not to be hidden. Wear them with pride. Glasses are fashion, canes make gentlemen look more distinguished so why can’t hearing aids be fashion? They can!

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