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Hearing aid battery exciting news!

by Jason on March 8, 2009

I touched on it a bit in the last post but I wanted to commit an entire offering to the launch of Zero Mercury hearing aid batteries by Energizer. This is a major announcement for hearing aid batteries – a field who has had rather stagnant technological growth over the last decade.

The National Electronic Manufacturers have set a goal of removing Mercury from all batteries by 2011 and Energizer has set the standard by making this announcement as early as 2008! Energizer is now offering the only hearing aid battery that has no mercury to consumers.

Of equaly importance, Energizer points out that the mercury free hearing aid batteries do not drop in performance. This commitment to both the health of hearing aid users and the environment is wonderful to see and the team at Hearing Aids 1000 commends Energizer for this.

This step by Energizer follows the pattern that they set by removing all mercury from from household batteries in 1990. They were the leaders in this movement as well.

Certainly Duracell and other companies will follow the lead set by Energizer in the realm of hearing aids. The sooner the better is our thought on this and until they have, lets all reward energizer by purchasing their hearing aid batteries!

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