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Happy 4th of July – cover your ears

by Jason on July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America, I hope it was a good one. We had wonderful weather in Seattle. As we all know, Fireworks are a key part to the celebration of the fourth of July and New Years. The challenge is that many people are comfortable protecting their eyes around fireworks, but very few wear ear protection. No one likes wearing ear plugs and the likes but without them your hearing can be damaged forever and you will need to wear a hearing aid.

The biggest challenge with fireworks and hearing aids is not the big, loud explosions in the distance. Those are not good for your ears but they do not ruin them either. The real danger is the dumb friend who thinks it is funny to light a firecracker right near your ear. One bad joke or an accident and your ears can be damaged forever.

So in the future, please protect your hearing and the hearing of your children when fireworks are being used. No one likes to have to wear protection but it is simply worth it to protect from being forced to use a hearing aid from an accident.

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