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Grew up in the 60s? Reach for a hearing aid!

by Jason on April 22, 2009

Being a teen or college student in the 1960s meant listing to and playing a great deal of loud rock and roll. The Beatles and the Stones were the loud sountrack to a rocking generation. Now, consequently, many of this generation are reaching out for hearing aids to enjoy simple conversation.

The people of this generation who find their hearing loss attributed to outside causes not only have trouble hearing conversation but the consonants seem to blend a bit. ‘Hs” begin to sound like “Fs” and other similar changes occur. All of which can be aided by the use of a hearing aid.

This hearing loss in the baby boomer generation is going to rocket the number of hearing aid users in the US. Some predict the number of hearing aid users to rise 8 million from 32 million to 40 million in 2025. These numbers will only increase with the modern use of the ear buds to push loud music directly into ears.

Certainly this is good news for the makers of hearing aids which already participate in the 4 billion dollar industry. Not only are the numbers of sales going to increase so are the prices. People are growing more and more happy to pay over $3,000 for smaller, customized and “cool” hearing aids. Long story short, the massive hearing aid industry is only going to get bigger over the next 20 years.

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