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Great charity around Hearing Aids in Latin America

by Jason on May 20, 2009

There is a wonderful group providing hearing aids to those in need in Latin America. The group is called Hearing Aid for Latin America and they are targeting children and young adults who could benefit from getting a hearing aid.

The group has a touching term that they use that guides them and motivates them, this is the Hearing Smile. As you can guess, this Hearing Smile comes when a child is fitted and then hears for the first time.

Hearing Aids for Latin America was established in 2002. Blaine Smith, based in Texas, is a certifiead audioprosthologist and is on the board for the group.

Please visit their website to learn more about this amazing group and to give a donation if you are so inclined. They can be found at www.latinhearing.org. Since 2002 they have fitted over 3,400 hearing aids for needy people in Latin America. This is a wonderful start but we need to help them even more. Thanks!

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