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Don't Hide Your Hearing Aid!

by Jason on March 23, 2009

A very cool new initiative is being announced in the world of hearing aids, instead of hiding them, people are choosing to make them an accessory. Millions of baby boomers are coming of age and these people have hurt their hearing at Nascar, rock concerts and more. These people are hip and not afraid to show their personality. These people are using hearing aids that don’t blend in with flesh colors, they are using exciting colors and designs that draw attention to their hearing aids.

This is a beautiful revolution. Hearing aids are nothing to be ashamed of or hidden. The Siemens corporation is making the Vibe hearing aid that is leading the way in this new “be proud” hearing aid movement.

The great thing is that there are real role models in this movement. Bob Wier of the Grateful Dead is wearing a hearing aid in the Vivatone ads recently.

Another feature adding to the hipness of the new hearing aids is that they can be used as phones, ipod devices and more. Don’t think of these hearing aids as old devices for old people. These are cool products that can do many things around sound amplification.

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