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Digital Hearing Aids are hear to stay – good?

by Jason on April 4, 2009

Many advances in technology happen rather fast and are simply taken for granted as a good move. Think of all the different products you have used to play music. Depending on your age, you may have used vinly record palyers, 8 tracks, tape players, CDs, mp3s and more. What is next. Each new technology is positioned as better thanĀ  the last but clearly this is not always true. In this entry we look at the prolifiration of digital hearing aids. With over 30 companies currently making digital hearing aids, there is no doubt that they are the default choice – but are the better than analog hearing aids?

It is important to note that the current rise of digital hearing aids is not the first pass that they have attempted on the market. In the mid 1980′s two manufacturers introduced digital hearing aids. They flopped due to bulky design and poor battery life.

Twelve years later another two companies brought them back with better design and battery life. They have since proliferated. Are we better off?

Digital hearing aids allow for digital feedback and noise reduction as well as gain processing. These are advantages that analog hearing aids simply can’t offer. There are a number of closely related advantages that revolve around sound processing that digital offers.

The question I would love to get some feedback on is ‘what actually sound better’ digital or analog. To me a nice vinly record sounds better than a CD – does this hold true for hearing aids? Please let me know if you have experience with both!

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